Kody Flannery

Kody Flannery

Kody has been called many things: Smart, smartass even just an ass. One thing he has never been called is a Negative Nancy, a Nancy maybe, but never negative. Kody is eternally optimistic and looks for the silver lining in any situation. when asked about his outlook, Kody replied “Yeah, its like… (squinty sorta half smile with shrugged shoulders palms up) Ya know?”

Kody Loves his job. He loves tattooing and art in general. but what he loves the most is writing a biopic about himself in the third person…and eating…and sleeping. But what he really really loves is his Family, especially his twin sons. “They are totally awesome.” He said about his children.

Aside from drawing awesome things and cool stuff, Kody “makes with the colors or the black and gary tattoos.” Kody has been Tattooing professionally since 2007 after completing an apprenticeship. Kody is an award winning artist in such categories as “Best Portrait” and “Best Large Color.”

“I especially enjoy large scale tattoos but doing half sleeves keeps me happy too. I guess as long as I am tattooing I am pretty happy.”